Comfort Cataract Surgery™

lensx-laserWith the development of Laser Cataract Surgery and state-of-the-art lens implant technology, deciding where and what type of cataract surgery to have has become increasingly confusing. Dr. Updegraff has more than 20 years’ experience in cataract and laser eye surgery.

The Comfort Cataract Surgery™ has been developed with years of surgical experience keeping you, the patient, first and foremost. Safety, results and your comfort are our priorities. It begins by meeting with Dr. Updegraff personally to identify your individual goals and to help you select the technologies that will be most beneficial to you.

With more than two decades of experience in laser surgery, Dr. Updegraff has developed a unique approach that emphasizes comfort, safety and excellent results. Updegraff Laser Vision has a Medicare and AAHC approved Cataract Surgery Center to provide you with the highest level of convenience and quality. For some patients, traditional cataract surgery is more economical and achieves all of their goals nicely. Others wish to explore more advanced lens technologies that correct astigmatism or reduce their dependence on reading and distance glasses.

In each unique case, Dr. Updegraff is there to explain all of your options and will help you make the best selection based on your goals and his years of expertise. We look forward to helping you See The Difference™!